The Cause:

"Unlicensed Drivers are Killing People"

A Driver License Indicates:

20 percent of all fatal crashes involve unlicensed drivers. (By comparison, DUI drivers are involved in 32 percent).

Even though people are being injured and dying unnecessarily from lack of enforcement of existing law, CA Legislator Gil Cedillo modified the law (CA - AB353) with his bill inappropriately favoring illegal aliens.

"issuing driver's licenses to illegal immigrants would be appeasing lawbreakers...
rewarding people who break the laws is generally poor public policy"

Chief Frank Wills, West Covina PD

Illuminating the unlicensed driver’s attitude, is a recent report by the Contra Costa Times of a community meeting in Pomona, CA. Pomona residents and members of the Pomona Habla/Pomona Speaks Community Coalition clearly expressed their contempt for the law. " Coalition members have called for the creation of a policy that would allow unlicensed drivers to have a licensed friend or relative contacted if they are stopped by police. If the friend or relative can respond within a reasonable period to the location where the unlicensed driver was stopped, police should allow the licensed driver to the take the vehicle instead of having it impounded, Coalition members have said.

" we want to break the law and we don't want any consequences"

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