The Facts:

It's not OK to drive without a license, whether in the US legally or not.

The legislature passed the impound law allowing unlicensed drivers vehicles to be impounded for 30-days as a punitive and public safety measure. Unlicensed drivers have either not proven they know how to operate a motor vehicle safely, or were drivers previously licensed who had their driving privilege taken away because of driving related violations.

There is some incentive to abide by the rules of the road at the risk of insurance increases, or losing your license and driving privlege for traffic violations. Do you really care about tickets or insurance if you don’t have a license?

Illegal aliens pose an additional hazard. Since their true identity is unknown and cannot be verified, there is no history of their driving record, violations or punitive action from their operation of a motor vehicle.

Only three states - Washington, New Mexico* and Utah - allow illegal immigrants to get licenses because their laws do not require proof of citizenship or legal residency. ( AZcentral)

"we enforce the law, not only to punish the lawbreaker,
but to validate the good behavior of those who choose to obey it."

LAPD Sergeant

* New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez is pushing for the legislature to ban licenses to illegal aliens.