The Law:

While the law seems clear, it does involve that the rules are actually followed, and enforced.

California Legislative Findings:
14607.4 VC The Legislature finds and declares all of the following:

The California Government Code (GC 815.6) Says The City Is Liable for Injury:
"Where a public entity is under a mandatory duty imposed by an enactment that is designed to protect against the risk of a particular kind of injury, the public entity is liable for an injury of that kind proximately caused by its failure to discharge the duty unless the public entity establishes that it exercised reasonable diligence to discharge the duty."

The Los Angeles District Attorney, Steve Cooley says Beck is Wrong:    read the letter
"...such policies are contrary to state law and likely would create risks to public safety and public treasuries"

The Office of Legislative Counsel Says Beck Is Wrong on Impound Policy Change:    read the opinion
In a seven-page opinion provided to state Senator Bill Emmerson, the California Legislative Counsel opinion was very clear. Unlicensed driving is a crime in California and Vehicle Code Section 14602.6, which calls for vehicles to be impounded for up to 30 days, is part of the penalty structure the state legislature established for punishment of unlicensed driving. The opinion holds that law enforcement's job is to initiate the criminal process, not determine the application of penalty or consequences to the violator, before initiation of enforcement action.