The Issue:

"An average of a little more than 8,000 people were killed each year in driving-without-a-license crashes"

This is according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety report  "Unlicensed to Kill", that's 20 percent of all fatal crashes.
By comparison, DUI drivers are involved in 32 percent of fatal crashes. Read the AAA sequel study Unlicensed to Kill - The Sequel 2003.

In California:

Effective January 1, 2012, then California Assemblyman Gil Cedillo (D-Los Angeles) stopped the impounding of unlicensed drivers cars at DUI checkpoints with his legislation (AB 353). He feels that taking unlicensed drivers cars at DUI checkpoints unfairly targets illegal aliens. Sobriety Checkpoints Under Attack   Cedillo has now authored legislation to grant illegal aliens a driver license. 47 other states disagree with Cedillo and prohibit licensing illegal aliens.

"It's more important that people who are in the country illegally get to drive,
than it is that people who are here get to live"

Father of victim killed by unlicensed driver

CA DMV Says Unlicensed Drivers Three Times More Likely to Kill

Dec 20, 2012 -- A new California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) study found that suspended/revoked and unlicensed drivers are much more hazardous on the road than validly licensed drivers, and vehicle impoundment to be highly effective in reducing crashes. read the report

Yet, LA Mayor Prior Antonio Villaraigosa and Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck instituted a plan to stop impounding unlicensed drivers cars in Los Angeles. They ignored public safety and California state law, which requires officers to impound unlicensed drivers cars for 30-days. In addition, Beck recently announced he wants to give licenses to illegals, and that a Birth Certificate (a description of a baby), or a Mexico Matricula Consular (read the FBI report on this worthless, unauthenticated document favored by illegal aliens) was an acceptable form of identification for a citation and to avoid an impound. Injuries, hit and run accidents and deaths continue as fallout from this ridiculous policy. (LA Times)

Villaraigosa & Beck feel that protecting the public with this legal, mandatory and necessary enforcement action "unfairly targets" illegal aliens.


Don't agree with politics over your safety and the law?

Tell the mayor and the chief how you feel.
We made it simple to email the mayor and other elected representatives. Tell them your safety is more important than their political agenda.


Council President Herb Wesson Jr.
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Mayor Eric Garcetti
200 N. Spring St., Room 303
Los Angeles, CA 90012


In Los Angeles:

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